Theft: Cangkul pun mau??


Dear o dear....

It happened at my sister's new house last week. The story begins like this......

While we are watching the new TV drama from Astro, we heard someone is shouting outside the house. But we dun know whether is from the front or from the back (semi-D sound come in from anywhere). We look around, but saw no one at the front.

But later my mum found out it is from the backyard. The Indian guy is shouting at his cows while guiding those cow to get their grasses.

But to her surprise, she saw the guy is carrying the "cangkul" - hoe on his shoulder. It is weird, and she suspect the guy stole our hoe which later we found it is true.

I shouted at him and he scold me as return. "Lu mau lu mai ambil... nah bagi balik"...... after that, he threw the hoe into the bushes and walk away. I need to go and get my hoe back!!! *&*^&%&$%&^

Dun understand..... HOE also wan?!!!!!

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Break of my Heart

It had been a while from the last post last month. As usual, I am kind of bz on all kind of stuff...

I would start to blog as much as I can.... There is something that drive me for a blog post even though I am very tiring right now.

My heart is breaking up... and it is breaking into pieces.. I am so sad now...

My 4 baby tea cup.. now down to 3..... I am so sad.... I had accidentally break one of them... break it into pieces....

I am so sad... and having of bad feeling something might happen... :P

It is a set of 4 of my tea set and now down to 3... when I look at the breaking one.. I am so sad.... and I feel like something missing when look at the 3 cups left.

Dun know how to tell about my feeling now.... SAD:(

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ABC Soup

My wife pregnant for ~7 months and we start to cook ourselves for the dinner to ensure balance food for both baby and mummy.

Last weekend, we plan to prepare the ABC soup, (not Ais Batu Campur la)... is ABC soup...

What is that? I dun know..... is a mixture of few vege and meat. Dun know why they call this as ABC soup... may be this is a mixture of too many vege on one bowl.. :P

So we went to LipSin market to get the ingredient such as corn, potato, tomato, carrot, and onion. Of course, we need to get some pork for it.

The funny thing happen when we go to get the pork... here is the conversation...

How much u wan??

Me: I dun know.... :~(

Autie: What do u wan it for?

Me: Cook soup...

Autie: For how many person?

Me: 2 person

Autie: How many times?

Me: One time

Autie: "Ho Yee No Ko Bak Kut"... (give him 2 riggit bone)

Nothing funny right?.... but U didn't see the weird smile from all the butchers,and those customers... All of them looking at us.......they laugh at our conversation.....So embarassing... :(

Me first time ma... dun know ma......

But this is the soup we come out with.... look yummy or not?

It looks yummmy and taste yummy too.... yum yum........

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Treasure Hunt

This is a treasure hunt hint for you, whoever able to locate this... win the prize....

What is the prize given? Haha... If you able to see this.... the prize is..... YOUR LIFE...

When you know which Petrol Station is equipped with that kit... you better run away from there and never visit it again...

This is the photo I shot at the Sungai Nibong... Believe or not.. go and have a look ...

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New site: 3GB Community

I received a mail from my friend, Raymond about the invitation to join 3gb community I have doubted for a minute. I did email Raymond to confirm if he did sent me the invitation, before I click. There are tones of junk mails and spam around recently. After confirmation from him, I decided to give them a try.

Upon sigining up, 3gb did offer features that normal community system offered. But surprisngly they did offer something which is lack off by others which is the MP3 system and the chatting system. I am able to chat with Raymond from there. I am so happy with it as my company is having restriction of installing the normal instant messenger. This helps me to get connected to Raymond and some of my friend who join this community.

I like the chat system online as you can choose either chat is the public chatroom or you can add a private chatroom. You can make new friends from the public chatroom while having private chatroom as normal chatting with your friends. You may join 3gb community like me.

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Ant Attack

Dun know why, i tent to get some unique shots from my camera and I think I start to fall in love with her...the camera..

PC Fair is around the corner and every year the photo-shop will join in the fair as well and will offer some crazy price for 1-2 units. First come first serve basics...Dun know if I am able to get 4D this Wednesday to get me my SLR.

okok.. back to the topic... Ant attack... that day I went to my new house to see any extension need for the plug or any new point needed...

But somehow, I say an ant attcking the mosquito... OMG... I believe the mosquito must be sleeping when the ant attacking, I never knew that ant eat mosquito la....

we never study about this... I tot ant only take up sweet thing... but a real life small mosquito.. never hear...

weird la.. at least to me la.. here is the shot.. might not be clear... may need to look carefuly to see which part is from ant and which one for the mosquito..

BTW... the mosquito still alive by the time I shot this. The ant is running around.. I can't get a good shot..... :(

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Over-weight Issue

I wanna declare something here.. I have no prejudice on the fat person, in fact, I am one of them...

Over weight issue become more severe especially on the kids. I know sometime we can't control over our gen to become as what we want. But some control might be needed. I am having diet control now, I know how unhealthy and inconvenient to be a fat person.

Especially on the children. Look at the photo below.. dun know what to tell, they order a lot of side dishes and the main dish. It is too much for kids like them who already over weight.

I am sorry if I make you upset. But if anyone know him, I mean the father, please help to pass him a message. Control diet will help to build a stronger body.

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Cyber Monday Hunt

Last year I spend almost 3 months at San Frans, US due to my business trip. My wife accompanies me on the whole trip. It was fun and enjoyable trip.

Shopping is one of our favourite activity especially at US, the price is much more competitive compare to my homeland. My wife bought a lot of souvenir at each place we visit, such as Disneyland, Golden Gate, Fisherman wharf, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. Discounts and sales offer are something we are looking for in order to get item with lower and affordable price.

We can't wait until the Thanksgiving, which offer the best sales throughout the year. I wanted to get my SLR some accessories. I get to know from my friend, Andrew, in order to get the offer item, I might need to queue up the whole night.

My goodness!! it will be nightmare for me, but in order to get my dream gadgets, I have no choice.. I went to the Best Buy around 1.00am in the morning with my jacket. By the time I reach there, I was so disappointed. Why? You can't imagine, the queue already few hundred meter away from the shop. Some of them brought along their sleeping beg.

I was sad and disappointed and told Andrew about this. He is laughing at me. I knew he was able to get cheap stuff even without queue in the night. he told me his secret of success, purchase using the offer from cybermonday website. This website provides famous merchant such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot and many more.

It helps me to get my new lens using the 15% discount from the web on Best Buy. It helps me to safe a lot especially on the cyber morning. I managed to hunt for my wife favourite perfume with low price as well. She is so surprise when the shipment reach the door step.

It helps to make my trip meaningful. I love the site. Thank you Andrew for recommending it.

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